Live Mail Customer Support Number

Windows Live Mail is a freeware email client released by Microsoft Corporation. Currently Microsoft has many email services like,,, and Windows Live Mail has many features same as Windows Mail. It also adds the following new features to its email service:

Live Mail Features that makes it exclusive to other email account:
  • It support for Web based email accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo!
  • Easily synchronization with Windows Live Contacts.
  • Support for RSS feeds
  • Multi-line message lists
  • Many emoticons can be used in emails and other functions
  • In-line spell checking facility
  • Separate inbox folders for different POP accounts set up on computer system
  • Support sending picture files in emails through
  • You can also use basic photo correction and different border effects to pictures Very fast and secure

There are lots of users of Live mail around the world. During email operation, you may face many problems. Some of the Live mail issue are very small which can be easily solved by yourself but some of them is very complex and cannot be solved without seeking any technical support. For complex issues our Live Mail Support team is always available and offer correlative solution. For easy and reliable issue resolution you can call us @ 0000000000. Our service is available 24 / 7 available.

How to setup Live mail account in Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail and Outlook: Outlook is very good solution for business. Using outlook you can send lacks of emails at the same time using Excel sheet. Thus while facing configuration issue contact our support team.

The problem which users faces while using Live mail:
  • Problem related to configuring Live mail
  • Live mail Password recovery issue
  • Log-in and synchronization issue related to Live mail
  • Attachment related issue in sending email
  • Inability to send and receive email
  • IMAP and POP related problem
  • Crashing of email frequently
  • Spammers issue
  • Live mail smtp setting issue
  • Privacy and security related issue related to your account
  • Email hacked issue
  • Using multiple account in simultaneously
  • Setting up email accounts to operate both online as well as offline
  • Set up Live mail email addresses on other online mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo and hotmail
Feature of our Live mail Technical support:

We are offering Livemail support service to our customers for a long time. Due to long period of service in this support industry, we are very much reliable. Customers reach us daily. No matter you are old or new generation people, you may need Livemail customer support service for email related issue resolution. In such case call us @ 0000000000 an dget expert solution with prompt support.

Next time whenever you get into trouble, don’t wait and worry! Make your livemail experience wonderful and call us instantly at our customer support helpline number which is available 24 / 7 / 365 throughout the whole year.