TP-Link Router Help Desk Number

TP-Link Customer Service Toll Free Number

When you talk about the networking company TP- link is among the most popular company offering many types of networking devices since last decades. These products are used throughout the whole world. TP-Link is a Chinese manufacturer and one of the few major wireless networking products manufacturers. As there is a huge demand of routers in companies as well as individuals people across the worlds are getting attracted towards it. Internet has made every task easier and to get connected with internet today routers are very popular. These devices can be used with speed extractors in order to get even better speed.

Routers manufactured by TP-Link are of very high class quality. These devices are durable. Once you buy it will lost long but may be some technical operational issue occur while using it. The router problems can be much complex. Easy problem can be solved easily but when you need to solve out the complex one, proper TP-Link customer Support is required. The most significant part of customer support of TP-Link is- It solves the technical issue with the help of experts and offer quick and reliable solutions.

Unable to access the internet after installing TP-Link router :

Here get the quick solution in case you are not able to access the internet after installing your TP Link router.

First of all log in to router’s login page and check for valid WAN IP address then

    -Set up manual DNS servers. After setting up the server, reboot router.

    -Power off your TP-link router, stay off for at least one minute.

    -Unplug the power cord and loose the coaxial cable.

    -Wait for 5 minutes and connect the coaxial cable.

After this most probably all the issue may be resolved but still if you face same issue contact our TP-Link Support number 000000000. Our executives are always available to offer best solution for your router operational issue.

There are many other problems for which you need to contact us. Some main problems are the followings-

  • Router is not rebooting easily
  • Never cover router with any things like cloths
  • Configuration related problems of your TP- Link Routers
  • Unable to view routers login page
  • Password reset, forget password and hacked password recovery
  • Issue in entering correct mac addresses
  • Unable to update TP-Link software and firmware
  • Limiting the number of connecting in order to ensure better connection speed
  • Lights are blinking but internet access is limited
  • Unaware about How to open login panel page
  • Security and privacy related issue in TP-Link router
Internet connection brakeage issue:

Weak signal strength of TP-Link Router: Some times this issue is caused only duct to improper place of router. If router is not put at height and in the middle of the room and offices you will not be able to get the proper internet speed.

If you are also unable to use router properly just call us on our TP-Link router Support contact number 000000000. Your all the issues will be resolved at earliest.